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remixes & other re/constructions by mal.entropy

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angelspit - defibrillator (snow bunny overboard remix) - remix contest (3rd place) for [re]fibrillator ep (2012) (metropolis digital)
ejector - baby jane? (mal.entropy's jane's wicked thump mix) - remix for the baby jane? ep (2010) (amazon mp3)

available for download

mangadrive - and zords (mal.entropy rmx) - remixed for SP5 remix album (2012)
lords of acid - drowning in ecstasy (20k leagues and rising remix by mal.entropy) - unsubmitted entry for remix contest (2011)
caustic - bacia la capra (paths of evil remix by mal.entropy) - remixed for giggles (2011)
mangadrive - fearbomb (mal.entropy - afraid of the dark rmx) - remixed for SP4 - this is digital war remix album (2010)
combichrist - this is my rifle (needs more pussy remix by mal.entropy) - unsubmitted entry for the this is my rifle remix contest (2009)
the Deephearted - Hope For The Hopeless (clockwork reconstruction by mal.entropy) - remix for the hope for the hopeless ep (2009)
repo! soundtrack - chromaggia (saturday night vickygoth club remix by mal.entropy) - dance mix of the sarah brightman track from repo! the genetic opera (2009)
sunscreem - save me (caustic kittens rough mix) - mashup of sunscreem's track with C/A/T and caustic (2008)

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